Beijing Institute for the Study
of Christianity and Culture (BISCC)


The Beijing Institute for the Study of Christianity and Culture was founded on the 3rd of August 2002 with the approval of the Diocese of Beijing.

Our Vision

BISCC is striving to make a specific contribution to dialogue and communication between Catholic Christianity and Chinese Culture and so contribute to a more humane world and the Glory of God.

Our Core Values

BISCC is a value based organization with high emphasis on the following: Catholic Christian Faith; respect for the integrity and traditions of all people; courage and commitment in the pursuit of truth and knowledge, and a belief that dialogue with others, rather than confrontation, will open doors to deeper wisdom about God, the world and ourselves as human beings.

Institute Objectives

1. To explore and develop the links between Catholic Theology and Chinese Culture;
2. To promote communication and dialogue between scholars of Christianity, Chinese secular scholars and scholars of the other great faith traditions in China
3. To strengthen the capacity of Catholic priests, Sisters and lay scholars to engage with Chinese secular scholars
4. To collaborate with Catholic, Christian and Secular Institutes overseas in developing academic studies on the key issues of our world today as they relate to Faith.
5. To edit and publish Christian academic study literature.

Institute Director.
Fr. Dr. Peter Jianmin ZHAO

141 Qian Men Xidajie Ave., Beijing, P. R. China
Tel/Fax: 0086-10-66068969
Emails: [email protected]
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