Partners in China and Overseas

  • Center for the Study of Christianity, Chinese Academy of Social Science
  • The Institute for the Study of Christian Culture of Renmin University of China
  • Institute of Christian-Cultural Studies in Shanxi Normal University
  • Institute for Religious Studies & Center for Christian Study of Fudan University
  • The Center for the Study of Morality and Religion at Tsinghua University
  • Christianity Research Center of Sichuan University
  • The Researcher Center of Overseas Sinology of Beijing Foreign Studies University
  • Center for the Study of Religion and Society in Shanghai University
  • Institute of Religious Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • Center for Religion Culture Studies, Nankai University
  • Institute of Religion and Culture, Beijing Normal University
  • Beijing Institute for the Universal Social Science
  • Institute of Religion and Culture, Fujian Normal University
  • Cultural Exchange with China, England
  • The faraday institute for Science and religion, Cambridge University, England
  • Research Unit for East Asian Christian Studies, Birmingham University, England
  • Institute of Theological Aesthetics of Xiangfan University, Hubei

Institute Director.
Fr. Dr. Peter Jianmin ZHAO

141 Qian Men Xidajie Ave., Beijing, P. R. China
Tel/Fax: 0086-10-66068969
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