Sapientia Press House

1. Brief History

The first Asian Cardinal Thomas Tian was nominated as archbishop of Beijing in 1946. From July of the year, he started the preparation work for St. Thomas Institute (in Chinese Shangzhi Bianyiguan). Rev. Fang Hao, professor and dean of history department of Fudan University of Shanghai, was invited as director of the Institute. After two months preparing work, on 19 September 1946 it was opened with a ceremony. It was located just nearby then the Cathedral of Beitang. In June 1948 the Institute was closed. For the past two years, the Institute published more than twenty books and a journal for thirteen volumes.

On 8 December 1997 Sapientia Press House was re-opened as an internal institute for the inner works, and together with Institute for Christianity and Culture Study newly established for the external works.

2. Principles and Works

With the support of Missio in Aachen for the equipments, Sapientia Press House started her work. The theology thinking of the Second Vatican Council has developed very fast. Nevertheless, the Catholic Church in China is still not carry up with the universal Church in theological development. In a certain sense she continues to hold the pre-Second Vatican Council’s theology. Therefore, Sapientia Press House tries to translate, edit and publish books and materials so that the people in China may carry up the step of the Universal Church. Sapientia Press House also hopes to contribute in the inculturation of the Gospel in the five thousand long Chinese culture.

After its re-opening Sapientia Press House has published more than twenty books, about 100,000 copies. Most of books are translated by Mainland Chinese. These books involved spirituality, commentary on documents of the Second Vatican Council, morality, holy scriptures, science and religion.

By using the modern technical method, Sapientia Press House also produced CD, which includes the whole text of Bible in simplified Chinese, Churchs music and arts.

3. The person in Charge

Rev. Dr. Peter Jianmin ZHAO was born in a traditional Catholic family for at least six generations down to him. He was ordained a priest in December 1998. Then, he studied in Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium for Canon Law, staying one year in the American College in Leuven. He was graduated from the university with his doctorate in Canon Law (J.C.D) in November 2002.

4. The main Projects on the way

a) Translation of "The Twentieth Century Encyclopedia of Catholicism"

b) Pastoral Ethics by Richard M. Gula

c) The modern Catholic Encyclopedia.

6. Contact Person

Fr. Dr. Peter Jianmin ZHAO

Sapientia Press House
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